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My Favorite Object Lessons

Today I am going to share with all of you two of my all time favorite object lessons. Being that I am a missionary, my most used object lessons are evangelistic or about missions. So, I will share one of each.


When I am speaking at events to teach kids about what I do as a missionary, I like to start with this object lesson.

First, send a kid or two out of the room with a leader. You can send them on some fake mission. Make sure they are far enough away that they will not be able to see or hear you. Prep your leader ahead of time. Tell them not to come back until you send someone to get them.

Once your volunteers are out of range, begin talking to the group. I will usually start by saying something like, “Today we are going to talk about missions. Who can tell me what missions is?” Field some responses and then “suddenly” remember that you have an awesome treat for everyone. Really talk up how amazing and special the treat is. The treat can be anything you deem appropriate from a globe stress ball to a piece of candy.

Handout the treat to each of the kids. Ideally, one of the kids will remember that you sent a student or two outside. If no one remembers, you can casually bring it up. Instead of immediately sending someone to go get them, suggest other ways to get their attention. Try yelling, throwing the treat at the door, writing a note etc.

The children will begin to realize that none of these ideas are working and the only solution is to go get the ones outside. SEND someone to go get them and explain to the group that God gave us an amazing gift but there are people around the world that do not know. The only way for those people to know is to send someone/for us to go and tell them.

This lesson ties it all together nicely and demonstrates the need and purpose of the great commission.


Okay, we have all heard and seen the wordless book in a variety of ways. The most common when I was a kid was the colorful beaded bracelet. You know the ones…each color stands for a different aspect of the salvation message. My favorite twist on the wordless book is with balloons!

While explaining the story of the cross, use a gold balloon to make a circle. You can also make it ahead of time if that suits you better. The circle reminds us that heaven goes on and on forever with no end.

Next, use a black balloon to make a curly snake that represents sin in the world and separation from God.

Use a red balloon to make a cross the shows that Jesus died for us to atone for our sins.

A white balloon in the shape of a heart reminds us that Jesus made us clean.

Finally, use a green balloon to make a plant that represents that Jesus gave us new life.

Explain each one as you go. Make it more interesting by having volunteers hold the balloons as you finish each one or handing them out to kids in your group.

This is a great visual for your kids and will help them remember the story of salvation.

What is your favorite object lesson?


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