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I Attended the AG KidMin Conference and…

I attended the AG KidMin Conference and WOW.

In case you didn’t know, last week was the 2018 AG KidMin Conference in Springfield, Missouri. This year, thanks to BGMC, missionaries from across the globe were able to attend the AG KidMin Conference at no cost. Full disclosure- I have always wanted to be part of this conference. I nearly cried when it was in Indiana three months after I moved to Central America.

This is a no judgement space.

It is no surprise that I loved it as much as I did because the anticipation has been building for awhile. I laughed, I cried, I reunited with old friends…it had it all. #AGKidMin18 was bomb.

I was so impressed with the time and effort that went into this conference but even more than that, it was evident that it had been prayed over. I knew, coming into this conference, that I would learn a lot from the workshops but I had no idea how much God wanted to teach me.

I told a friend at the end of the week that I felt like I had just cried all week long because the presence of God was that strong. I went to a workshop called “Operating in the Fullness of the Spirit” and the speaker showed us how he teaches the kids in his ministry to hear from God and then pray what He spoke. In a room of about 100 people, probably 75% of the attendees shared what the Holy Spirit spoke to them in the 3 minute allotted time. I went to yet another workshop about spirit empowerment. In this workshop we saw multiple people healed of physical ailments. We saw upwards of 100 people baptized in the Holy Spirit (that is my conservative guess). The Spirit moved y’all.

All I can say is that I, wrongfully, did not expect a move of God in the way that I experienced last week. God is good.

He shared new vision for children’s ministries across the United States and even the globe. He shared literal visions that gave us a glimpse into His plans. Let me tell ya, the future is bright. I’m not going to go into what The Lord spoke to me personally but I do want to encourage you to, if you are not preaching the Holy Spirit to the kids in your ministry, DO IT. God has big things planned. He wants to use you and your kids. A lot of times in ministry we shy away from topics that are confusing.

“I don’t understand the Holy Spirit so how could I teach it??”

Well lucky for you, YOU DON’T HAVE TO UNDERSTAND IT.

I promise I am not yelling at you. I’m just excited.

In all honesty, the kids in your ministry might understand it better than you so give them a chance to. When we reach out, despite our insecurities, doubts and fears, God will move. He will pour out onto your ministry. He wants to move. He wants to use your kids to reach their communities because guess what…they have more faith than you. I’m sorry. It’s just a fact. While you are praying for people with back pain, your kids could be praying for limbs to grow back. And they probably will.

So please, preach the Holy Spirit. Teach kids who He is. Show them. Take your kids to perform healings in the street.

Be obedient. Be courageous. Be open.

God wants to do something new. Let it be with us.

I guess my purpose in writing this was two-fold. I wanted to encourage you to include the Spirit in your ministry but also encourage you to attend the next KidMin conference. It will be in Dallas in 2020 and you gotta get there.

If you missed this year, buy the MP3 digital downloads from My Healthy Church! All sessions and workshops were recorded. I bought it last year and will again this year because the Spirit moves through audio recordings too!


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