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Celebrate Your Volunteers

If there is anything I have learned in ministry it is that volunteers (and staff) need to feel appreciated! If you have trouble keeping volunteers or getting people to commit to your ministry, celebrating your team will definitely help. The desire to feel needed and appreciated is an innate human nature. It's in you and in me and every one of your staff.

Celebrating your team can be something as simple as writing a hand-written note to each one a couple times a year and attaching it to their favorite candy bar or as grand as throwing a huge appreciation party. It's so easy to show your team that you appreciate them and their time but it is so often overlooked. Once a month take some time to write a couple notes for members of your team. A note highlighting what they are great at will mean so much to your team members and takes almost no time or money. Consider what treat you could give to each volunteer to go along with your note. Is there a certain restaurant your volunteers love? Or a local ice cream joint that you could attach a gift card for? Even some Starbursts or homemade cookies would do the trick! It doesn't matter WHAT you are doing for your volunteers as long as you are doing SOMETHING to show how much you appreciate them!

You will never be able to keep volunteers interested in your ministry if they do not feel valued in the work. Make sure your team knows what you think of them.

In addition to these small acts you can do throughout the year, it's a great idea to plan an event for your volunteers! The details may vary depending on your budget and the size of the group but there are an endless number of things you could for your whole staff to celebrate them. It doesn't have to be huge (although it can be). Throwing your team a party and hanging out together is not only going to show your appreciation but also gives everyone a chance to bond and get to know each other better. Win-win!

Throw a party at your house and cook them a meal. Invite everyone to go bowling together and bring some balloons and snacks. Plan a themed party at your church just for volunteers. Rent out a trampoline park and inspire your team to let their inner-child out! I'm telling you- ENDLESS number of ways for you to celebrate your team! It's so important! Being in ministry, I recognize how important it is that I myself feel valued and appreciated by my superiors and it's even more vital that your volunteers to feel the same way. They're simply doing it out of the kindness of their hearts and giving their free time and energy to invest in what you do! They are amazing!

What are some ways you have shown your appreciation to your team of children's ministry workers?

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