Month 2

Day 44— San Jose, Costa Rica, Language School

Last weekend all the students went to Panama for 3 days in order to renew our visas. This is a trip that happens roughly once every trimester is anxiously awaited by every student. Everyone gets all excited because we have no school or responsibilities all weekend. We don’t bring our homework and rarely venture away from the hotel pool. The pool isn’t fancy and the city is pretty small but any excuse to get away from schoolwork is a good one. The 10 hour bus ride is a cakewalk when that is all that stands between you and a weekend by the pool. We gathered early Friday morning with our phones loaded full of Netflix movies and were on our way. We crossed a river full of crocodiles, drove through the mountains of Costa Rica I had yet to see and after many hours finally stopped at the border. The bus was checked, our bags were checked, our fingerprints were scanned and the outside of the bus was disinfected. Another hour on the road and we made it to our hotel in David, Panama.

The other reason students love the Panama trip is that the stores in Panama are cheaper and carry different items than the stores in San Jose. Some of the families brought several grocery bags full back to San Jose. I was able to pick up a few items that didn’t make it to Costa Rica with me, including a tan.

This week in Spanish chapel, which happens once a week, it was my turn to read the scripture. It was easy enough. I was just glad I didn’t have to do the Spanish sermon…until next trimester. Spanish learning is coming along splendidly though. My teachers are great and I am learning so much. It’s just a matter or sorting through it all when I am speaking.

Next week we have field trip to a city nearby. We will take a train and walk around to check out the market and the history of the city. I am pumped to do some exploring with the class and teachers. And also that the field trip pushes my presentation back a week!

That’s basically what I have been up to here in Costa Rica- doing some exploring of the city and trying to soak in as much Spanish as possible! Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Snapchat for more current updates!

Thanks for all your prayers and support as I continue to learn and practice my Spanish before heading off to Panama!

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