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I'm so glad you came to my website to learn more about Honduras! Honduras is such a cool country with lots of culture. Did you know that Honduras is in Central America? That means it is in between North America, where you live, and South America.

Do you want to learn some more fun facts about Honduras? Check out the photos below!

The favorite sport is soccer
Everyone in Honduras loves soccer! Especially the kids!
There is so much wildlife in Honduras
Sloths, jaguars, macaws, spider monkeys and so many more fill the jungles of Honduras.
Copan is a city filled with Mayan ruins
Copan is a cool place to check out the Mayan ruins.
Everyone loves a baleada
Baleadas are the favorite food of Honduras. They are made by frying a tortilla stuffed with eggs, sour cream, chorizo and avocado.
The punta is a traditional dance
The punta dance is traditional and usually done at special ceremonies and independence day.
Honduras is a tropical climate
Every day feels like summer in Honduras! For about half the year it's rainy season and rains every day. For the other half, it's sunny all day.
Hondurans are called "catrachos"
Hondurans proudly call themselves "catrachos" which comes from the name of a general.
Money in Honduras is called Lempiras
Money in Honduras is called Lempiras, named after an Indian chief.
The Scarlet Macaw is the national bird
Honduras is filled with Scarlet Macaws. There are so many that they became the national bird.
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Honduras is a wonderful place but, like every country, there's a lot of problems too. I work with kids in Honduras, mostly kids that live in really hard situations and in poverty. 

Being a missionary is a rewarding job because I get to help people and teach people about Jesus. But there a lot of things you need in order to be successful at bringing people to Christ.

Would you help me teach find all the things I need to be a missionary in Honduras?

For more fun ask an adult to help you print off these activity pages below!

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Copan is a city filled with Mayan ruins

Copan is a cool place to check out the Mayan ruins.