January 29, 2018

***Originally posted on http://www.lacworldmissions.org/journal/2017/12/6/by-the-grace-of-god

Brooke Miller is an LAC missionary to Panama. She is currently in the middle of her first Missionary Associate term where she is working with the abused and marginalized children and youth of Panama City. Brooke ministers to students through school assemblies and an urban outreach center.

I grew up in a small town church in Indiana. We had missionaries visit pretty frequently and every single one became a hero to me. They had these amazing stories about bringing people to the Lord. Their lives were so exciting and that seemed foreign to me. Needless to say, when God called me to be a missionary it seemed like a pretty daunting task.

That, friends, is when I found out that missionaries are just normal people. My fellow missionaries are still my heroes and some of the best people I know. However, I realized that if God can use someone like me to bring people into the kingdom, then He can use anyone...

January 12, 2017

Day 6-- San Jose, Costa Rica, Language School

Warning: Long drawn out story ahead. If you wish to hear the bullet points of what’s new skip to the last paragraph!

In case you were wondering what 'everything going wrong' looks like you could refer to my first five days on this adventure. My departure on January 4th began smoothly. I was fully packed in three suitcases, I had said my sad "see you later's" and I successfully convinced my parents to walk me into the airport from the parking garage.

While that last one might not seem too exciting to anyone else, if you have walked from the Indianapolis airport parking garage across the walkway you would understand. It is the single best part of the Indianapolis airport! It might even be the only good part about that airport! To those of you who are sadly unaware of this amazing experience, essentially it is a long hallway with moving walkways and neon lights all across the ceiling. These aren't just ordinary lights though. The lights follow yo...

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